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Do you want to know what else is there on the horizon (besides the roadmap)? You can check the following for features we will be trying to add in the future. Some of these may come as early as the next release.

1Installer / ConfiguratorAn installer .exe with screens that allow you to configure the package to have commands, namespaces, etc. that you desire.
2Strictness/Permissiveness Policies, WarningsYou can decide what inputs will be silently accepted vs. generate warnings or errors.
3DetectCaseTell what case (e.g. PascalCase, snake_case) the given string is in. This will also simplify the ChangeCasing command.
4Auto ReloadA terminal mode which checks whether files in a package have been modified, and if so, it will auto-reload the package.
5Support for TEPAM / Support for flagsThere are a number of features from TEPAM we want, especially support for flags. For many commands it is awkward to go without flags. We also may want TEPAM support for validation / error reporting since for many commands that is taking up a fair amount of code.
6Exception PoliciesThis also sticks out when writing many commands. Should we silently change an index out-of-bounds to be the end index (as some commands do)? Should we raise an error? At this point, the choice feels too arbitrary. We would rather have a basic set of default policies and give the user the ability to override and make them be consistent with their own policies.

Do you have a special request for something? You can use the feedback page and let us know. It never hurts to ask!