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Gen is free (same license as Tcl for all practical purposes).

Gen is written in pure Tcl, so naturally if you have Tcl working on your platform then Gen will work on it also.

Download .zipRecommended for Windows
Download .tar.gzRecommended for Linux

To install Gen, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Click on one of the links above and download an archive file.
  2. Extract the contents of the archive file.
  3. Take the path to the install directory you just made and with it add the following line to your init.tcl file:
    lappend auto_path YOUR_DIR_PATH

How to find init.tcl? Here are some locations found for Windows and Linux. Most likely if you use your Tcl version number you can find it in the same spot.


Alternatively, do a search for init.tcl starting from the root directory of your installation.

What to do after you install? You can check out the Getting Started section of the README. We recommend browsing the manual (or even better, use the gen.chm file included in your download). Each command reference has at least one example. You can type that directly into your terminal and try out the command.

Prefer use to git and clone the repo? There is a repo posted up on GitHub for you.

Want to receive notifications about changes to Gen? You can subscribe to the announcements mailing list by sending an email to gen-announce-subscribe@robertbrogan.com. (No need for anything in subject or message body.) You will get an email every time we have a new release.