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Gen is free (same license as Tcl). You can check out its features below.

  • 202 commands to make coding that much easier for you.
    Take a peek here.
  • Consistency with the rest of Tcl:
    • Documentation has same look-and-feel.
    • License is the same for all practical purposes.
  • Commands designed to be:
    • Quick to figure out and use.
    • To-the-point.
    • Not overly technical.
  • Documentation is set up for ease-of-access:
    • Offline and compiled help files that are faster loading than online.
    • Full text search (within .chm).
    • Indexed by keywords.
    • Interconnected via "See Also" section.
  • All commands are demonstrated with an example(s) in the docs.
  • Partial Loading
    • You are not required to have every package that Gen uses or even the latest version in order for Gen to load and work.
    • Gen will find what you have on your machine, and load what it can.
    • Gen reports to you what you are missing: packages and versions.
  • Every command is tested.
  • Test suite is comprehensive with 978 tests.
  • Command inputs are checked for valid format. Errors in input format are reported (e.g. we tell you if you try to add a non-numerical value).
  • Documentation is extensive and covers the error conditions for each command.

Want to try Gen? You can download it here. Also, you can check out our videos. They can help you get up-and-running.

Want something more? You can check out the roadmap and wishlist to see what is coming up. You can use the feedback page to let us know what you want.