Robert Brogan

21 Skerry Road


South Dennis, MA 02660


Bright, experienced software engineer looking to do some honest work and create value. Write code. Solve problems. Build things. Would embrace an opportunity to be part of a culture that is highly entrepreneurial, professional, and/or collegial. Primary experience is in the embedded domain, with focus on developing middleware and systems software using C/C++. Projects involved building tooling and infrastructure (frameworks, parsers, protocols, etc.) Overall: well-rounded and always learning. Willing to relocate to Boston, NYC, SF, or Seattle areas. Can work from home. Willing to work a contract.


Self, Personal Projects– South Dennis, MA


In the past several years I have pushed my own personal limits of solo development. I have developed abilities in GUI development, database schema development, RAD scripting, website building, version control, and project management.

Personal Projects (available at

Gen Project

Other work

Cognex– Natick, MA


Cognex produces machine vision equipment (i.e. cameras, fixed-mount and hand-held scanners) used in Industrial Automation (i.e. on factory floor to check fluid levels) and in logistics (i.e. scanning parts and packages at distribution centers). Customers have included and Netflix.

Member of manufacturing test group. Each device Cognex produces is run through a test apparatus to ensure that it works properly and is of good quality (e.g. the camera lens is clean). Our group was responsible for developing the machine apparatus itself for testing the devices, including software that would run inside the apparatus (e.g. motor control for rotating lenses), custom software uploaded to test the devices, as well as software that would run on a host PC test station. Machines would do things like rotate lenses, press buttons, take pictures of targets, and check that the products could successfully take pictures, scan codes (QR and barcodes), and give feedback to the user (e.g. beep and vibrate).

Responsible for writing software to operate the equipment as part of the test procedures as well as libraries to make it easier to write test software for multiple products.

Senior Software Engineer

Management Strategies – Boston, MA


MS Strategies is a small consulting firm servicing the healthcare industry. Software includes natural language and database technologies to facilitate processing of patient records. Did some contract work on a side project for a schema-specific language development toolset.

Contract Developer/Technical Writer

Personal Research


Sought method for gaining intuitive understanding of systems in motion, as a whole. Details available on request.

Schneider Electric - Andover, MA


As Industrial Ethernet became more of a modern reality, Schneider sought to establish company-wide standards and create a central, reuseable core of Ethernet- and IP- related software, dubbed the EtherBrick, to migrate its traditional, serial network-based products. The EtherBrick provided diverse and flexible solutions, consisting of a SW platform, HW references , system frameworks, and application libraries.

Senior Firmware Engineer

Cantata Technology - Hyannis, MA


A merger of Brooktrout Technology and Excel Switching Corporation (spun-off from Lucent Technologies). Contributed to the design and development of a voice-over-IP gateway product, bringing together the traditional circuit and next-generation packet networks.

Embedded Software Engineer



Topics of study included game theory, economics, trading, finance, etc. Attempted to develop a trading strategy. Returned to work at the same site.

Lucent Technologies - Hyannis, MA


Lucent acquired Excel Switching Corporation based on the latter's success with their programmable switch. This product was designed to be a flexible solution for diverse networks in Asia, South America, and Europe. Through the use of downloaded state machines, the switch could be adapted to handle protocol variants from other countries as well as new end-user features such as prepaid calling cards.

Embedded Software Engineer


B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics- Tufts University

Graduated magna cum laude, 3.7 GPA

Member Phi Beta Kappa

Key Skills

Networking : SNMP, NFS, Telnet, TCP, UDP, IP, Ethernet, DHCP, BOOTP, [more]

Languages : C/C++ (primary), C# ... Tcl, HTML+CSS, XML+XPath+XSLT

Platforms : RTXC, pSOS, Win32/CE/.NET

Tools : Visual Studio, CodeWarrior, AHK, ClearCase, git, make