Personal Recordings


"How do you know if you really know something or ... not supportable, not sustainable?

What if what you are doing is not so much expressing something so much as writing fiction that just happens to work?"

"Ideal scenario is where I can work throughout the day, feel like I am getting stuff done ... I am doing this stuff, it is the right stuff to do, this is the way to go."

"... the ability the frame, motivate, and get draw; to make use of any insights and make things happen, somehow make things be different ..."

"You want to put some kind of investment of energy into anticipating whatever the thing is and then you can get greater pleasure from the thing ... the ability to create anticipation far outstrips whatever you're going to get out of the thing ... you ruin your taste."
(Warning, some good content but some mic issues also.)

"Things are imaginary and yet have existence in the same way that imaginary numbers have existence in that you see them show up in physical equations, equations that describe reality. ...

Certain things that are imaginary are also foundational. ...

The hitting upon the things that are foundational, things that you can build on and continue on with, which you want to differentiate from the illusions."

"Where is it legit to make a claim or make a criticism or make a complaint? ...

Worst case scenario is that you get some complaint or criticism and you do not know it is illegitmate and that causes you lose confidence."

"Problem is that things come up and there is no way to avoid that. ...

There has to be some kind of commitment to putting things out: that matters.

Going to make a commitment to deliver on something, things are going to come up and it is going to turn out that I do not deliver, ultimately, and I do deliver. This is the paradoxical solution."

"Ergium, this substance that one makes commitments to delivering."

"Things are expanding out ... there is a question: how to prevent them from expanding out?"

There are other problems behind the problem ... the amount of work grows and grows.

How do I make this be sensible?"

"... end forms as this space you fill out, this medium ...

... they represent a next step up in communication, in your ability to get information from your mind to someone else's mind ...

... create this circuit, get this flow ..."

"If you assume that there is a way ... from that you are able to invent something. ... You knowing what you want changes a lot your ability to get it.

The mind naturally works in a fantastical way. ... You fancy things that could well be, and that gives you an image to pursue, and from you pursuing it you make it come to be.

You need something that can get into someone's head so that they can actually make use of the thing, and then it is substantial because then it things stand upon, things are built on top of it."

"By insisting on it, I force myself to draw on whatever it is.

'Pac Man, I will give you the fruit ... but you got to earn points and up the score for me.'

Think of the drive for food as this big gear that turns all this other stuff.

If you had things geared up, you would be able to do more."