FtpDownloadSite — Make connection, download files, close connection.
FtpDownloadSite RemoteDirectory LocalDirectory
Return Value
RemoteDirectoryPath to start download from.
LocalDirectoryPath to download into.
More Info
See About FTP Use for additional details.

To use this command you will need to have configured the server IP, username, and password to use. See here for details.

Caution! This command may overwrite or delete files. See the FTP page for details about setting up to use a dry run. With a dry run you can see what the command would have done.

This is a copy-and-paste style command. It will overwrite all files without checking the size or timestamp. Also, unlike FtpMirrorRemoteToLocal, this will keep any files that appear locally, but not on the remote. Note that this includes files in subdirectories.

This command will (1) open a connection based on the configuration, (2) switch to the remote directory with FTP, (3) switch to the local directory, (4) copy the contents of the remote to the local, and (5) close the connection and change back to the starting local directory.

The command will copy not only the files in the remote directory, but the subdirectories and their contents as well. It will make directories on the local end if necessary.

If an error occurs in the middle, this command will not try to rollback or anything like that. It will simply close the connection and return to the starting local directory.

If between this command and FtpMirrorRemoteToLocal, you cannot make uploading work how you want, you may wish to look at the source code, look at FtpDownloadDirectory, and then work out your own command. This command is intended to be very simple and quick-to-use, and so it lacks in flexibility.

For information regarding exceptions / errors, see here.
% FtpDownloadSite /home/username/folder c:/users/username/documents/folder
FtpDownloadDirectory, FtpMirrorRemoteToLocal, FtpUploadSite
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