CurrentTimeOfDayIsBetween — Check if current time-of-day is between the two targets.
CurrentTimeOfDayIsBetween EarlierTimeOfDay LaterTimeOfDay ?Option?
Return Value
1 Current time-of-day is between the target times.
0 Current time-of-day is not between the target times.
EarlierTimeOfDayTime of day that the current time must come after in order for this to return true.
LaterTimeOfDayTime of day that the current time must come before in order for this to return true.
OptionWhether to count a time-of-day that happens at the very beginning or end as being between. Defaults to BothExclusive (see More Info).
More Info
This is a convenience command which combines TimeOfDayIsBetween and CurrentTimeOfDay.

The time-of-day should be formatted according to the configuration (see here for details or SetTimeOfDayFormat). The configuration defaults to %H:%M:%S, which means 12 o'clock is 12:00:00. (And if you are happy with that, you do not have to do anything to make it work, only if you want something different.)

This is intended for use, for instance, with calendar / appointment / reminder apps.

Options are:
1. BothExclusive (Second < First < Third).
2. BothInclusive (Second <= First <= Third).
3. LeftExclusive (Second < First <= Third).
4. LeftInclusive (Second <= First < Third).
5. RightExclusive (Second <= First < Third).
6. RightInclusive (Second < First <= Third).

For information regarding exceptions / errors, see here.
% # Suppose it is now 12:00 PM
% CurrentTimeOfDayIsBetween 11:59:00 12:01:00
% CurrentTimeOfDayIsBetween 10:59:00 11:01:00
CurrentTimeOfDay, CurrentTimeOfDayIsAbout, CurrentTimeOfDayIsAfter, CurrentTimeOfDayIsBefore, TimeOfDayIsBetween
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