The Man Who Fell to Earth
Film Review


In "The Man Who Fell to Earth", the film itself is really 1970s America, as projected into an alien visitor. We can see what the country is by what living there does to this naive and gentle person. David Bowie and the film are uniquely suited to each other; the film has a strong essence and it is quite memorable. I have to say, though, "The Man Who Fell to Earth", is more for people that are up for a film challenging them rather than entertaining them. The US portrayed is not nice, it is garishly futuristic and dated, subtly domineering and hostile. The vibe is uneasy, desperate and despairing (and yet the grace of Bowie takes a bit of the sting off). There is a lot in it that takes a bit of questioning to figure out, the type of film you want to go into ready to exercise your wits and/or watch more than once. Recommended mainly to those interested in society and culture (and, of course, Bowie fans).

4.0 / 5.0

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