The Letter
Film Review


The Letter is noir drama with an amateur feel (done intentionally?) and Lynchian vibe. Many people have disliked this movie; I can see why, but I go the other way. It is partly a matter of taste, as to whether or not you like films that have in them subtexts and hidden meanings; it is also partly a matter of execution. I think the Letter works well enough on both counts (not great but quite good). On a first viewing, I was expecting something more trippy and less cerebral, so I did not get much until the reveal at the end. The second time around I picked up much more. I think if one goes into the film treating it like a mystery or detective show, where you want to be reading people and guessing about them from the get-go, then the Letter will make for a much better view. Recommended to those who have a taste for the psychological.

3.75 / 5.0

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