Exterminating Angel
Film Review


Exterminating Angel might be the most striking film by Bunuel. It is mysterious and bizarre and provocative. There is something to it which makes one say to oneself: "What does it mean? What does it mean?" rather than "Hmmm. Well, I don't get it." It is like a murder mystery with plenty of clues, though it is hard to figure out what they are telling us. The mood of the film is really well done: exasperating (why can't they leave?!), puzzling, queer, and hostile. The vibe is much less comical or ironic than other Bunuel films, and rather more natural and serious; there is less of a staged feeling and less self-consciousness on the part of the actors. Those interested in the mysteries of human existence, unexplained phenomena, and survival scenarios should give Exterminating Angel a view.

4.25 / 5.0

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