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Dogtooth is a film where the viewing experience is very much dependent on the sensibilities of the viewer. For myself, I found it quite absurd and ridiculous from the outset and was not shocked (much). I rate Dogtooth up mostly because I enjoyed the indie style of shooting, reminiscent of Submarine and Wes Andersen films, which made gave the film a more satirical than disturbing character. After reading other reactions, I wondered whether this is a film that ought to be laughed at or if it ought to induce cringing (at least one scene, in particular does). After thinking about it, I thought that yes, satire ought to be laughed at and the subject matter ought to be seen as quite stupid; horror and fear are not an appropriate response. If anything, horror and fear bolster something that should be opposed. However, having some parts, here and there, that are more serious than funny is also good, since we do not want to just totally laugh off topics that are important.

4.25 / 5.0

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