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Cosmopolis is not an art film, but it feels very much like one. It is definitely very much for intellectuals and those curious to find out who or what is charting the course that this world is taking. Cosmopolis is very much the Anti-Hero's Journey. Our main character begins by demanding the quest, and then has a series of encounters with his advisors, who try to explain what is happening with his world, as it comes apart, as he heads toward his doom. For some viewers, the raw content of the dialogues may not be high-brow enough, and is well-open to criticism as a being pretentious. But still, the medium here is film, which means to get the full experience one ought to have a bit of tolerance, make a bit of effort to read into the manner and speech of the characters, try to work out their psychology. Personally, I found myself motivated to do this by the vibe the film creates: indelibly odd, but not out-and-out weird. There is definitely something in the delivery. Recommended to fans of Waking Life, House of Cards, and, of course, Cronenberg fans.

3.5 / 5.0

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