Annie Hall
Film Review


Annie Hall is the film notorious for beating out Star Wars for Best Picture. So, is this a case where the Academy picked the right film and those plebs just lack in good taste? Or is this one of those films where the bourgeois all pretend to think it is great, but it is not really? Well, that is too much build up for this film. Annie Hall is a fine film about two people that are just fine together, except that makes it too good to be true, so we will have to figure out something to go wrong. This is a humanist romantic comedy: intelligent, witty, insightful, etc. Well, it works just fine there. It is good cerebral entertainment, and is at times playfully surreal in an everyday way. While I do not think it is the best Woody Allen film (Stardust Memories stands out to me) or the best film ever, it is a good film. (Is that OK? Can we just be happy with that?)

3.75 / 5.0

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