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Some movies get acclaim in their time, but then years later it seems that perhaps they were only good for their time (if at all). 2001 is a bit dated, but not outdated, no more than any fine piece of craftsmanship can ever be. If one only takes it for face value, then it is as hard to appreciate as a mechanical clock is. To appreciate such a work, one has to look at things with an active sense of wonder: Look, how it all fits together! But how does it work? What makes it work? Music stands out as one particular element very well fitted and suited to the film. In the first spaceflight scene, things move slowly, but the music creates a sense of grace and splendor and majesty. The way the film is shot makes for a window into an immense and grandiose world beyond. It has a photographic quality: one can pause it and it looks like a photo taken of something that was really happening. Finally, the sets and props show serious attention to detail and are both aesthetic and believable (which makes 2001 a great film to watch for students of design). As to the mystical content, it is more curious than baffling. In the Information Age, one can easily find plenty of interpretations and insights and does not have to feel : "I just do not get it." Anyone who has an interest in the themes of the film (i.e. "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?") and is willing to exercise their brain a little can gain an appreciation of the work. Now, of course, if one looks closely, it is easy to see that the film is not 100% perfect. But for a visionary work, 100% perfection is not going to happen, and it is wrong to expect it. 2001 is full of exemplary pioneering spirit and does deserve to be called one of the all-time greats.

5.0 / 5.0

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