Bits and Pieces

There is a good amount of material that I have developed over the years from my experience and reflection. What I would like to do is form up my thinking into essays and whatnot. The problem is: how to get started?

My answer was initially to write aphorisms, and get through the material, and then go back and build further out into short essays, etc. So I did a bit of thinking on what makes for a good aphorism, and then decided even that is going to take a bit of time and I would rather get some momentum and make a pass through the material.

So I am instead putting out these various bits and pieces of writing, which represent a first pass through my raw materials. From there I will pick out some and try to write some decent aphorisms, present others as propositions or conjectures, etc.

I don't know that this material is all that great, but I am guessing (and hoping) that you may find some worthwhile thinking in these pages.

I have not thought about licensing yet, so all rights reserved. After I figure something out I will change this text and make probably make a link titled 'License'.