Bits and Pieces
11 - 20

- 11 -

Never believe it to be a thing which by no means may be understood.

- 12 -

Virtue and ethics are the bottleneck of civilization's progress and decline.

- 13 -

Knowing a thing you do not know comes before you learning it.

- 14 -

Things need energy reasons in order to happen.

- 15 -

Consider whether you can simplify by giving each its own copy instead of sharing.

- 16 -

The end will have some form. If you can, begin to fill that out with as much as you can, and then see the true end in terms of difference, and then work to close that gap. This, rather than trying to do all at once, yet being unable to see it all, and so end up with less or being unable to finish.

- 17 -

Resistance will first manifest against getting things done and making commitments. After that it will manifest by things going wrong that were preventable. So instead of spending time fixing things, spend time anticipating failures and trying to prove what you are doing is correct.

- 18 -

Should always have a standard set that you can meet and one just beyond what you can do. This will help prevent complacency and bring out problems that would go unnoticed.

- 19 -

The better you know what you want, the better you are able to get it.

- 20 -

If you cannot think of the one thing to do, think of more things than you can do.

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