Bits and Pieces
01 - 10

- 01 -

The better problems are framed up, the less motivation you need to be able to solve them.

- 02 -

If you do a bunch of work towards a goal, and you are forced to do a bunch of other work, that extra work cannot be worthless, that work must have value.

- 03 -

For whatever reason it worked before, it will work again.

- 04 -

There is always something more to be got from what has been done.

- 05 -

You may need time to work it out that you cannot not do it. And then you will do it.

- 06 -

Give reasons why it would be better thus. Consider how those reasons relate to how it may be made to be better thus.

- 07 -

Pretend, in order to have.

- 08 -

Human behavior is more illusion than mystery.

- 09 -

Never believe you cannot utter any guess at all.

- 10 -

Time is the Idea that change may be related.

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